文件名称:domain/config/mimemappings.properties js=text/javascript css=text/css gif=image/gif htm=text/html html=text/html jpeg=image/jpeg jpg=image/jpeg bmp=image/bmp
个人觉得设置完后,Weblogic可能要重启一下。 从OTN上找到点儿文字,好像有点用:
问题:WebLogic Server Does Not Set MIME Content-Type WebLogic Server does not set content-type for files with .js and .xml extensions. To work around this issue, you have to configure these mime types in your environment using one of the following two methods: Method 1 Add these mime types in the web.xml file of the ESB Web Application. Method 2 Set the mime type for the entire domain in the config/mimemapping.properties file by performing the following steps: Login to the WebLogic Server console at http://hostname:port/console Click Domain, then Configuration, and then Web Applications. Search for the Mime parameter. The value of this parameter shows the location of the mimemappings.properties file. Create the mimemappings.properties file if the file is not present already. Add the following entries in the mimemappings.properties file: xml=text/xml js=text/javascript Restart